Wednesday, 3 August 2011


Someone just sent me an email saying this: "And I know you will be a fantastic mum. Beautiful, clever, witty, intuitive, innovative, loving."

Not sure I believe it, but lovely to hear it as not many people think so!

In other news, I'm off to my first relaxation class and nerves are stressing me out!


  1. Hello!
    Are you teaching the relaxation class or going along as a participant? Either way RELAX and ENJOY! I teach Mellow Mums relaxation classes ( and did my first class last month - it went really well I am happy to say, so onwards and upwards from here to chill out more Mummies!
    Take care
    Katharine x

  2. Thanks both! I really, really, really enjoyed the relaxation class and can't wait for the next one. Will check out your classes now to see if you're anywhere near me!