Thursday, 4 August 2011

Relaxation, visualisation and affirmation

Despite my stressing, I thoroughly enjoyed yesterday's relaxation session! I find it extremely difficult to relax. I always do about three things at once while thinking of 20 more and have this strange philosophy that a moment not doing/making/thinking, is a moment wasted!
We arrived at the session and met another couple and a woman; the two women's bumps were quite big as it was only a month to go for these two. I'd spent the day feeling very fat and very conscious of my huge bump, but when I met these two, I felt tiny and had my first experience of bump envy - mine is at the stage where it could be considered just a bit too much chocolate!
Then into the class which is organised by a lovely lady who arranged us around the room; interestingly, the men in the comfortable chairs and the ladies on upright school chairs. She introduced herself and then talked us through a very effective relaxation technique involving gazing at a spot on the window.
This was wonderfully effective, even for me. However, I did have to fight the "chatter" in my head. "Relax...Go compare! Did I copy Jeremy in when I sent that email earlier? I must get a photographer booked for the 20th August. What was the name of the guy on the radio this morning? Robert. Robert what? Robert A? Robert B, Ah, I was meant to be relaxing. Man, this chair is uncomfortable. It began with a W Robert W...."
However, I'll keep practising and I think this will work wonderfully - I did notice that it wasn't a bad first go as my breathing had slowed right down and all of us in the group had tingly fingers which is a sign of relaxation!
We were then taken through quite a long relaxation process where we concentrated on our breathing and on visualisation - this time of the birth itself and some of the feelings and things that happen. I had trouble staying still, and nearly laughed out loud when I heard my husband let out a little snore showing just how relaxed he was, but it was very interesting as there was info in there that I'd never heard before.
We then finished off by reading a couple of affirmations which were a great short way of focussing the worries and realising that you can overcome them. Mine were perfectly suited to my concerns:

I breathe deeply and I am calm.
My body is perfectly designed to give birth.

MrM and I were thrilled with how helpful this was and can't wait for the next session!

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