Thursday, 18 August 2011

More relaxation

I went back to the relaxation class, this time without MrM. This time, we used a different relaxation technique, based on picturing your favourite place in nature. I used this (although the first picture isn't the most appealing!)

I went there in real life about 10 years ago with a friend and the place was as close to perfection as you could ever picture. My friend was hilariously funny and one adventure involved us being flown onto the island under the names Mr and Mrs Lionel Blair, which made me laugh as I recalled it, instead of relaxing.

The visualisation technique was to picture yourself vividly in this location with the sand between your toes, the sun on your skin (and the pina colada in your hand!) to relax you when you have contractions. Easy now, and very relaxing, but who can say how effective it will be in three months' time!

There was another couple there who were very sweet and due in exactly a month's time. The husband told me earnestly that these lessons were extrenely useful as he was now much more relaxed, while I looked to his wife to see if she felt the same way....

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