Tuesday, 16 August 2011

More placenta praevia

I had an extraordinary phone call from my colleague today. Last week, I called my mum to ask her if she'd had this placenta praevia thing, where the placenta is low, just to see if there was any family history of this. I am a very discreet person, not one of those people whose private conversations are conducted for all to hear. I was not hysterical about it - I just asked her if she'd had it. Not only did she say no, she said she'd never heard of it. (She was a nurse, quite worryingly!).

Anyway, this morning, my colleague phoned and said that she'd told her husband about my conversation and he'd said "it was nothing". I am very reassured that she passed this onto him and for his feedback. Is he a nurse? No, he's a plumber.

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