Thursday, 25 August 2011


Not sure why I scheduled a doctor's appointment for 8am. Seemed like a good idea at the time - to "maximise my day", but less appealing at 7.50am. I'd been dreading the 25 week appointment with the GP after the last time I met him, but it went very well.

! The doctor asked if I was feeling well, which I heartily agreed with, as I am. However, MrM, who'd agreed to accompany me, TOLD ON ME!!

He reminded me that in the night and when I've been exerting myself with carrying, running or swimming, that there's a bit of a tender feeling in my groin. Apparently this is normal. As are headaches, vomiting, blurred vision and swollen ankles - none of which I've had a sniff of luckily.

The doctor then took my blood pressure which was normal, and then measured the bump which is 24cm which is also about right and asked about my urine which I had left at home, placed carefully next to my notes so I wouldn't forget them. Ahem.

He then looked at me and said: "Has anyone mentioned to you that there's two in there?"

He didn't appear to be joking and I was struggling to take it in. "No, you're joking," I finally spluttered. We all dissolved into laughter but MrM and I were absolutely taken in for a millisecond! The funny thing was that I was thinking "Oooh, a ready-made family! I need only go through this once!"

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