Friday, 5 August 2011

"Comparing all my problems to the size of a cow..."

I could have sworn I looked normal yesterday. Today, I caught sight of myself in a mirror in town and I look like an elephant!

Fortunately, my friends and family never take pictures of me (I've just been looking through FB and any pictures are mine), so this look is not saved for posterity, but goodness, that crept up on me quickly!

I have bought some slightly bigger underwear as one of my pants succombed last week and the knicker elastic pinged. MrM happened to be sitting with his hand on my bump and thought it was the baby kicking....

In other news, I believe the baby can hear now which is unfortunate as MrM went all Hugh Grant at the beginning of Four Weddings and a Funeral and let out a barrage of abuse at a piece of electronic equipment. Don't know if the baby heard it, but the French exchange lad we've got staying with us at the mo certainly learned some new vocabulary!

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