Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Bumps and babes coffee morning

Is there anything more terrifying than a roommful of mothers feeding their babies. I promised myself that I would go to as many pre-natal activities as possible to meet people and get advice.

However, when actually faced with all these new borns and no sign of a bump like mine anywhere, I nearly ran a mile in the opposite direction. However, the group organiser, a lovely, friendly lady called Sue, physically took me by the hand and made me sit between another bump (which was very well disguised and actually bigger than mine) and a newborn called Samuel with his mum.

There was a talk on baby swimming and then the chance to chat. I was given some information that I didn't know eg, that there is an NCT prenatal class and there is a birthing centre in Wallingford (which is much more intimate than Reading or Swindon), and had a really nice time. I can't believe that, not only did I survive, but I am going to meet some of these lovely ladies again!


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