Sunday, 14 August 2011

"Bump on board"

Pregnant women always complain about people touching their bumps without permission, and to date, this hasn't been something I have experienced. However, MrM and I bumped into two old friends at Cropredy Festival at the weekend (looking resplendent, I have to say...Mrs was wearing flowers in her hair, cute floral wellies and a dress to match, while Mr was wearing a magnificent top hat with flowers on it, a long pink coat and purple trousers), and both of them saw the bump and placed a hand on it to congratulate us with big smiles and a hug.

I felt that this was a lovely thing to do and was not in the least put out. The baby seemed to like it too, and moments later seemed to be dancing to the music. Probably safest not to mention that the band we could hear was UB40....

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