Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Where's the green form?

I turned up at the GP's surgery today for my blood test and got asked for my "green form". In all the masses of paperwork I've been given, not one is green, apart from a voucher for free nappies. This means I have to wait in the doctor's reception for an hour an a half before my blood is taken, and I am told that because I have no "green form" that I might have to go through this procedure again. I don't recall ever being given a green form, but after my mum treats me to lunch (as she felt sitting in a doctor's surgery for two hours was a bit of a depressing birthday treat) I get home and turn the house upside down looking for this form.

I call the GP's surgery to tell them there's no sign and try to make my next midwife's appointment which the receptionist won't let me do. So I call back 10minutes later, and then another 10 minutes later until I get a different receptionist. If I'd known how much paperwork was involved in this process, I think I would have got a Labrador instead.

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