Thursday, 9 June 2011

The scan

We had to go to Reading for the scan, and only got lost twice on the way there. We then doubled this success rate once inside the hospital because I located the maternity unit on a map and just decided to walk through the hospital as the crow flies, meaning we got there via "clinical decisions", ENT, an eye clinic and through a cafe.

We arrived in a small room with ladies sporting bumps of various sizes with nervous partners and waited (me impatiently as I had, as instructed, a full bladder). Then we were led into the scan room by a lovely midwife who took no time at all into putting warm gel, which felt like mayonnaise, onto my stomach. Immediately, my three months of denial were dispelled as there was clearly a little bean with a heart beating away.

Embarrassingly, I said that I could see the baby's head, but was then told that those were the legs, and that the head was at the other end. I must practise so I don't get those mixed up when it's born....

The midwife couldn't get a clear photograph of the back of the head for the Down's Syndrome test as the baby wouldn't move. "It's quite stubborn", she said, prompting MrM to observe that it had already inherited one of my traits. I had to adopt various poses and wiggle around to make it move, but still it wouldn't budge.

We were even asked to step outside for a walk before returning to the scan room while someone else (with a more helpful bump) had their scan done.

Still nothing. I even had to get off the bed and jump up and down. Nothing. Twenty minutes of nothing.

COnfusingly, we were sent to the department to have another blood test, but as there was no measurement of the head, I have to come back to have another scan and another blood test. I was also told that I am about a week and a half further along than I should be, meaning that the baby is now due in mid December.

The Downs Syndrome thing is worrying me. So when we got home and I showed my Mum the scan picture, her reaction was not reassuring. She exhaled and wrinkled up her nose which scared the life out of me (she was a nurse).

I asked why she was pulling a face, and this pushed her into a bad mood. What should have been a day for celebration ended with her storming out of the house. I have decided that I shall not name the baby after her. Even if it's a girl.

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