Tuesday, 14 June 2011

MrM's parents

MrM has been crazy busy this weekend, so I wasn't entirely surprised to get a call from his mum on Monday morning, probably wanting to check that he was ok.

She called just before 9am and to my shame, I was still lolling about in bed! You can do this when you work from home!

She said that MrM had sent her a text saying that he had some good news. "Do you know what it is," she asked.

Various options sprinted through my head: mint shower gel at 2-4-1 at the moment, the fact that he and I had located the iron, strawberry plants growing in our garden.

"Er, no. Think it was just to tell you that his work is going well".

This seemed to satisfy her and she then told me all about the wedding she'd been to at the weekend.

I called MrM and asked him to call his mum which he did in the evening. I wasn't sure how the news would be taken, so I didn't want to be there when he did it. However, they were both pleased. Phew!

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