Friday, 17 June 2011


I had a call from the doctor and being lucky and healthy, this is not a regular occurence. He told me my haemoglobin was low at 8 when it should be 11. For some reason I thought about my mum telling me off when I used to announce my terrible exam results and asked the doctor: "what do I need to pass?"

Apparently I need lots of iron. How ironic then that MrM and I always buy clothes that enable us to avoid that very word. I picked up my prescription and headed to a pharmacy where they informed me that prescriptions were £7.40! The last time I was ill, they were about £4! Expensive business, being ill.

I tried Holland and Barrett, nothing, so then tried another pharmacy asking if they had iron tablets. They did, but they were 14mg each. My dose was 200mg.

"Does this mean I have to take 10 of these a day?" I asked. (I told you I was no good at exams, particularly maths).

He threw the bottle over his shoulder, much to my amusement and said they were useless, promising to order me a bottle of the tablets I needed. He then winked at me and said: "Better to pay for them rather than get them on prescription - they're £4."

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