Sunday, 29 May 2011


I've given up yoga; even my wonderful yoga teacher says it's bad for a pregnant woman. Particularly the standing-on-your-head bit that I do a lot of.

I am still swimming and doing a bit of running. I signed up for the Race for Life about a week before I realised I was expecting.

However, the biggest drag is that I can't go to my Monday and Thursday class. For about 6 months before I got married, I did the Lotte Berk method, the famous ballet exercise classes that are still run by Lotte's daughter, Esther. She is an amazing woman and though she put me through agony, I loved her classes and I actually lost weight and toned up so much that even my husband noticed....

I called her and asked if I was correct in assuming that I couldn't do her classes which involve a lot of muscle tone and sit ups. "I will not allow you to!" she said authoritatively, adding; "also, I'm not having you give birth in my class. You know how fond I am of my carpet."

She adds that she'll expect me back in January and I decide to forgo a glass of chocolate milk instead....

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