Friday, 17 April 2015

The plate

The declutter continues and our house was starting to look a bit more like a home rather than a storage unit. I say “was”. I notice things are starting to slide again.

However, while tidying my office, I came across an ashtray which is a strange item in a house of non-smokers. During my ponderings, I dropped the heavy item and it fell onto a plate that the McBaby’s imprinted feet had been painted onto when he was four months old. The plate smashed into a million pieces. The ashtray remained intact.


I'm not normally a fan of toilet humour, but the McBaby certainly timed his most recent "joke" to perfection.

Knowing that he had to be on his best behaviour because one of my PR clients popped in for a quick chat on the launch of new book, he suddenly let rip with the most almighty "bat". (We're not quite sure what to call them in this house).

He then smiled and said: "It was the man".

You just don't get that added service from normal PR people.


Tuesday, 14 April 2015

"I'm the king of the castle"

McBaby: "I'm the King of the castle!"

Me: "I'm the King of the castle!"

McBaby: "No, I'm the king of the castle - you're the queen"

Me: "OK - what's daddy?"

McBaby: "Daddy is a football shirt."

Friday, 10 April 2015


The McBaby and I had a fabulous morning at Hungerford library as part of Libraryfest where a percussionist and a violin player taught us how to play the spoons professionally!

Although the McBaby didn't want to take part initially, I forced him to, as I'd already subjected the library to a bit of to and fro as a painter we'd been waiting in for since Christmas chose the same day and time to do some work on our house. He was very nice about coming a little bit later ( I may not have been very precise with the reason why), and so the McBaby and I appeared, complete with a handbag of spoons. This was not planned - it just happened that I had some of the contents of the drawer with me.

The workshop was hilarious although there was some trepidation from the other members about the McBaby's photography skills. Fortunately, he's only small and so tends not to snap people's faces and we also ran out of battery 30 seconds into the class.

The course leader had brought four bags of spoons with her, varying from traditional dessert spoons, to wooden spoons and pre-attached spoons purely dedicated to music. The class was great and the rhythm and technique were perfect for helping with creativity and co-ordination.

Sadly we had to leave early, but it was a great success as the spoons we took with us have not yet been returned to the cutlery drawer....

Friday, 27 March 2015


The McBaby has damaged my shoulder by simply collapsing onto the floor when he doesn't agree with the direction in which I'm taking him.

"Do you have to collapse like that?" I asked him sharply.

"Sorry mummy. I'll do claps like this instead," he said, clapping his hands.