Monday, 29 September 2014

Things that make us smile....

McNephew loves the Pirate song. "When I was one, I had some fun....when I was two, I lost my shoe...the day I went to see" so I asked him to sing it last time he was here.

"I can't," he said sadly. "I lent it to my friend James."


Having packed in my demanding contract job, I joked to MrM that I was going to have so much time on my hands that I was short of stuff to do.

"You could do a cooking course, " he suggested.

Hmmmmmm. Hard not to take that personally!


I swear that this morning the McBaby appeared at the side of the bed and said: "Don't double cross me mummy." MrM heard it too, so don't think it was a dream.


Every night when I put the McBaby to bed, I read him some stories and then lie him down and turn off the light. He usually asks me to lie down beside him, which I do. He then asks to hold my hand and I always present him with my foot. For the moment, this is providing far more hilarity than it should.....


PS. The declutter challenge has been carried out with just one more day to go! It's been challenging to find things every day, so we had to go as far as to do a boot sale and then count things that went outwards such as business cards and incense sticks! The house looks a bit better, but there's still more to do!

Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Bye bye work!

What a roller coaster. I've been working at a full time job since May and then working on my own business at weekends and in the evenings. All of this is perfectly doable, providing you have a supportive husband who picks up the McBaby and drops him off, and if you're not that bothered about seeing your child.

However, it's all about to change. Despite working hard and delivering above and beyond, someone I was working with started screaming in my face, quite unreasonably (is it ever reasonable? We're talking about some marketing material I'd delivered which she thought had the wrong name on it (it didn't). So I quit. Bye bye long hours, bye bye salary, bye bye working with mean people, bye bye people taking the credit for everything and blaming the rest on me.

I felt bad about my decision; I hate to let work down and it was nice to bring in a regular salary, but after going for a long walk with the McBaby on Saturday, I know I've done the right thing. Unlike work, he is a joy to be with, so kind and thoughtful. This is how he persuaded me:

On Saturday:

1. I held his tiny hand and we went for a gorgeous walk along the canal.

2. He could sense I wasn't happy with work and hugged me, saying: "Don't worry, Mummy!"

3. We were waiting to cross a road when we saw a car coming. Unfortunately, there was a cat sitting in the road. "Come on cat!" he kept shouting urgently.

4. He sang "I'm the King of the castle" while standing on a tree stump. I haven't heard that for ages and didn't even know he knew it - I didn't teach him.

5. He told me that he needed a dinosaur poo. It turned out to be a very apt description.

The moral of the story is that no job is worth your health, no matter how good the salary. The moral is also that spending time with a gorgeous baby is more important than earning money which just goes on diesel, tax and childcare. The moral is that it's so much more life-affirming to spend time with a happy child than with rude, demanding colleagues. Enough is enough. I'm choosing happiness over the nine to life.

Sunday, 14 September 2014


is the word we use to describe the McBaby when he gets upset. For he does not get upset in proportion for the amount of hurt he is feeling - whether it's the fact you've asked him to hand you his croissant because he's about to get into the bath, or whether you've turned the TV off because it's time to go to nursery, he will cry like his heart is truly about to break, like he is experiencing pain hitherto unknown to the human race.

But the tables turned this week. Maybe it's because in the last few days, I've felt knackered to the point of exhaustion and on the verge of tears. (Definitely just the past few days - and no longer than that), he's said two things that have given me the heart break.

1. "Mummy - my tummy is too big."

Don't know where to start with this one. Someone suggested I'd said that to him and I nearly ripped their head off. I would never say this to him even if I believed it to be true. Where did it come from? Did someone say it to him as a joke?

2. "Go away mummy. I want Daddy."

I knew this would come one day, but when he said this while pushing me in the neck, I might (might) have gone outside and wept in the car.

Monday, 8 September 2014

One man went to Mow.

How do I know it was time to cut the lawn? Because in a manner of speaking, my three-year-old nephew told us. He said to MrM: "don't you have a lawnmower?"


September's declutter challenge continues...

Day 3 in the decluttered house and the housemates are already starting to see a difference;

Today, out went two bag of things to the charity shop and a book back to the person who lent it to me.

Day 4:
Four boxes of fudge that I may have been stockpiling. My mum asked if she could buy them. I let her have them.

Day 5: Lots of stuff in, but five items out. A cheat here. Two pairs of shoes and a toiletry set.

Day 6:

one bag of clothes, one bottle of wine to a friend, lots of baby books and baby shoes.

Day 7:

I was struggling for things to fling, but then opened the shed when I went to mow the lawn (more on why in my next post) and found 7 pieces of bed linen for the charity shop.

Thursday, 4 September 2014

The joy of reading

That's 'reading', not 'Reading'....

When the McBaby was on the way, I spent many happy hours planning which of my favourite children's books I would share with him. Jennings, Enid Blyton, Winnie the Pooh, Dr Seuss...all of these have since appeared on his bookshelf.

In addition to these, MrM has added a selection of books that he's bought after finding them left for sale in the canteen at work. Snobbily, I have left some of these, finding that although the illustrations are captivating, they're not particularly well-written, and so difficult to read aloud.

The McBaby chooses a couple at bed time and there's one stand out book that he and I have both come to love. It's not a classic - yet, but we just love it, and when he chooses it, I feel happier about reading it and I'm sure he sleeps better!

It's called Bear Snores On about a hibernating bear who sleeps through a party that takes place in his cave. It's beautifully written, onomatopoeic and has a sweet ending. The McBaby gets so excited by the simple storyline, the loud mid-story sneeze and the repetition of "the bear snores on".

When we're both a bit older, I shall cherish those moments where he beams and looks at me with happiness and anticipation at a simple picture book.

Which children's books make you smile?


Tuesday, 2 September 2014

September's declutter challenge

How I love a challenge! Well, for two days and then I get bored and then start thinking about the next thing to sign up to.

Well for September, I thought I'd sign up to something where you declutter one item on the 1st, two items on the 2nd, three items on the get the idea. I know I didn't come up with this idea myself but can't seem to find any reference to it anywhere. Obviously I am applying this decluttering lark to my memory instead of my house.

Yesterday was the 1st, so I sent back a top that came from nursery that isn't ours!

2nd - Off went two items to new owners. Two CDs that were sold and paid for today....